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"this is my graceland" (at Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour.)

2 days ago

i ate my brother’s scone too whoops (at Clarence Brasserie & Tearoom)

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ding dong

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sir michael philip jagger by andy warhol (1975) (at National Portrait Gallery)

1 week ago

destroyed in 1642 and mosaically reconstructed (at Winchester Cathedral)

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literally everything here is old and beautiful (at Windsor Castle)

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it happened again, I’m sorry

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Little girl being pepper sprayed in #ferguson #stopdontshoot #justiceformikebrown

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My dog destroys things then acts like he doesn’t even see it

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"If you’ve done no wrong, surely the courts will look on you as innocent before proving you guilty."

I can’t even come up with irony for that, because shitstains like this make sure this never REACHES court.

He’s burying himself and hiding becuase he knows, he KNOWS he did wrong. He KNOWS He fucked up.

And he knows that the system that has gone to great lengths to ensure he won’t suffer anything worse than a suspension of ‘being fired’ can’t protect him from people who know his face, his name, and everything else.

Because he knows his face now is more memorized and circulated than Edward Snowden.

And he can’t hide from the fucking world.

Ferguson Officer Byran P Williams, the man who murdered Mike Brown, is comfortably sitting at home changing his facebook name to a cartoon character and going “tee hee no one will find me now!!”

Use his full name as often as possible, make it immediately come up when you google Ferguson or Michael Brown.

Make sure his name is marked in fucking history. They can’t fucking hide anymore.


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the accuracy though

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calling cops pigs is really offensive. pigs are kind, gentle, intelligent creatures. don’t compare them to cops

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im waiting for the day i can use this as a reaction image and confuse everyone for a good 5-30 seconds before they get it


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